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Water Meter Powogaz 4 Inch Air Dingin
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Meteran Air Powogaz 4 Inch
Spesifikasi :
Type : MWN100 Nubis R200
160 Q(m3/h)
DN : 100mm
Length : 250mm
Connetion : Flange
Weigt : 15,6kg
Measurement range (Mid)
Cold Water R100+200-H,V
Warm Water R25+40-H,V
Cold Water R100-H,V
Warm Water R40-H,V
For measuring of consumption of greater amounts of hot water with a temperature up to 130°C, on the maximum working pressure up to 16 bar (PN16). Suitable for installation in the horizontal hoses (pipelines) with the counter directed upwards (H), in vertical or horizontal hoses with the counter directed sidewards (V) or in diagonal hoses (H/V). MWN water meters in standard version are equipped with six-barrel counter (IP65, IP68 – optional) and painted cast-iron housing. Water meters are adapted to operation in the systems of remote data transfer (AMR).

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